New Homes in the Community

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) was the single national housing and regeneration agency for England. We seek to create high-quality, sustainable places and improve quality of life for local people. They did create opportunities for places requires fresh ideas and new approaches. People from across the industry with flexible skills and knowledge who can adapt to different market conditions.

There Skills and Knowledge team has developed courses and resources that helped people to work better with other professionals and create sustainable places:
• Foundation degree in sustainable communities
• Understanding place-making – online course
• Planning for non-planners – workshops
• Showcase – best practice case studies
• Demystifying Climate Change – knowledge website

The Skills and Knowledge team

The Skills and Knowledge team also worked closely with other skills bodes in the sector, in particular providing co-ordination to the national skills action plan, a cross-sector drive to equip practitioners with the skills to succeed and attract new entrants to the industry.

The agency is now closed

Landlords Services

Here at HCA Academy Residential we understand and appreciate the value and importance of your investments (your property!). It is our goal to ensure you not only obtain the best possible rent for your property, but also to have it occupied by professional and reliable tenants who will maintain your property to the highest standard.

Whether you are looking for a ‘hassle free’ professional management service, or simply after professional tenants with which to manage yourself, HCA Academy Residential have the services to accommodate and tailor to each.

Let Only Service and Property Rental Assessment

Your property will be inspected by one of our highly qualified and friendly staff, advising on attainable rent levels, legal requirements, and any possible furniture and equipment needs.
• Advertise: We will aggressively market the property using a wide range of media sources including internet, local newspapers and magazines. In addition we will search our current register for suitable tenants on our waiting lists and erect a “TO LET” sign with the landlord’s permission.
• Tenant Viewings

Accompanied by one of our experienced and friendly lettings negotiators prospective tenants will be introduced to your property after which terms of tenancy can be negotiated and agreed.
• Referencing:Our thorough referencing service will ensure you are provided with the highest quality tenants for your property. Such reference checks will include the following:

• An employer’s reference from each tenant(s) typed on company headed paper.
• A financial reference from each Tenant (in most cases from a Bank or Building Society) to show all Tenant(s) is/are in a position to meet the proposed rental commitment. Where these cannot be obtained a guarantor resident in the U.K. may be required to sign the tenancy agreement, provide proof of employment and/or financial reference.
• An existing/previous Landlord’s Reference from each Tenant (where applicable)
• A previous employer’s references and/or credit check may be required.
• Tenant(s) must be in continuous employment for at least 6 months.
• Tenant(s) must have no CCJs or adverse credit history.
• Tenant(s) annual earnings must be at least 2.5 times the annual rent.
• Tenancy Agreement

Once the prospective tenant has successfully passed our referencing checks we will draw up and properly execute the Tenancy Agreement in accordance with current legislation. This would most commonly be a 12 month contract with a 2 month break clause effective once 4 months of the tenancy has elapsed. As personal circumstances can change unexpectedly the 2 months break clause gives both parties the flexibility to terminate the tenancy giving 2 months notice.

The rent due for the first Rental Period will be collected in accordance with the owner’s instructions including security deposits equivalent to one month’s rent. After which all due payments are forwarded to the landlord’s nominated bank account via Bill Payment.

Letting and Full Management Service

At HCA Academy Residential we know what landlords are looking for; an efficient, hassle free and reliable management service for their property.

Our Management Service provides our Landlords with all of our Let Only services but also includes an extensive range of additional benefits. With our Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses insurance available our Full Management Service has proven to be our most popular providing the following:
• Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses

Bonded with BUYlet Premier Agent, specialist insurers for Landlords and Tenants, HCA Academy Residential is able to provide the owner with ‘rental guarantee and legal costs protection’ (via a BUYlet Insurance Policy) at no extra cost to the owner. You can enquire for more information using our enquiry form or click on ‘contact us’.
• Utility Transfers

We will aid in the arrangement for the transfer of responsibility for payments of utility services from the owner’s name into the tenant’s name(s). This would normally include council tax, water, electricity and bills.

Property Inspections

HCA Academy Residential will carry out an inspection of the property every 4 months and produce a report on its condition. The owner is invited to attend whenever he/she wishes. While every care is taken to make thorough inspections, HCA Academy Residential can only be expected to note and report on apparent and obvious defects to the property.

We will also arrange for the property’s annual Gas Safety Certificate to be provided by one of our CORGI registered plumbers on behalf of the owner.
• Property Maintenance

In the event of a request for maintenance or repairs arising during the tenant’s occupation we will arrange for an immediate inspection of the property. Where possible, estimates will be obtained and reported to the owner for approval and the relevant appointments will be made on their behalf.

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Property Advice

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Using Smaller or larger Agents to sell your home

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