What is it? - What can it do? - What’s in it for me?

Surely all estate agents are the same?
Unfortunately not, standards vary widely and it’s a disturbing fact that just about anyone can set themselves up as an Estate Agent without experience or qualifications.

Well how do you spot the good ones?
Move with us have done it for you! Partners in Property is an organisation of only high quality independent Estate Agents. Before being invited to join they have to meet strict criteria.

So what makes PIP agents special?
Each Partners in Property agent is selected because they are leaders in their field and will have been tested by our research team posing as potential customers. They must be highly experienced, progressive and professional and meet exacting standards of service to their customers. Not many measure up. Only through this careful selection process we are able to bring together the best agents nationwide.

And why is that good for me?
Because whether buying or selling, you need to know that the agent you choose will have your best interests at heart. They need to be able to help you through the minefield of moving house and make the path as smooth as possible for moving day.

I’ve got to sell, can you help?
Of course! The bigger market your property is exposed to, the better chance you have of gaining a higher price and a faster sale. The Partners in Property network of agents links area to area and region to region creating a bigger market.

I’m relocating, what can you do?

We can add your details to agents mailing lists, obtain property details on your behalf, recommend internet sites, obtain area information for you, advise on best practice in estate agency, advise on the sale of your property and don’t forget, because PIP have the best network in London and 600 offices nationwide, our pool of resources is second to none.

So, if you’re putting your property on the market choose an agent who can market it in a huge area. Choose an agent who has the benefit of years of experience, who has PIP and all its resources at its fingertips. Choose J D Oliver. Your local Independent Estate Agent as recommended by Movewithus PIP.

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Community information on your local property market More info at www.homesandcommunities.co.uk

Property Advice

So who do you entrust the important job of selling your home through? Why not us! We’re situated at the bottom of Park Road SW3 in a prominent location, easily found by non local buyers and open 7 days a week which is ideal for those of us with busy lifestyles!

Advertising locations: We’ve been successfully selling property in and around London for 25 combined years and advertise extensively in the local press, London and East Kent Gazette and the K M Extra. Additionally your property will feature on 3 internet sites including rightmove.co.uk but also, the number 1 property website Prime Location, which attracts over 4.5 million visits from active home movers every month!


Using Smaller or larger Agents to sell your home

Worried that a bigger agent will do a better job? Why? We advertise extensively, we’re on the worldwide web and we belong to an organisation which links us with over 600 independent agents! (Pa r recommended agent). We do the job in exactly the same way but because our overheads are much less than the corporate agents, we can reflect this in our fees so YOU directly benefit. Add to this our full colour property details using the latest digital technology and exclusive floor plans, feedback on all your viewings plus 7 days a week opening and you’ll agree, some smaller agents are the best people to sell your property.